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shaker arms on 2388

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I am reinstalling shaker arms after replacing the bushings. I put them back together according to a reinstall guide from the dealer and when finished I found 3 extra washers on the front drive. In the diagram it didn't have any washers where the arm bolts to the shoe. So I reinstalled with the 3 washers there, but now I can't get all the washers on the pin where the cotter pin goes, nor does it look tight against the frame. Should I take a washer out of the bottom or just not use all at the cotter pin. Thanks for any help
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if I am hearing your problem right if it`s the front arm that bolts to the eccentric they normally have one washer where it bolts to the shoe. If I take one apart that has none I usually put one on each side when putting back together. do not put 3 on one bolt. the arm should be snug against the channel or the cast support depending on what you have. you could get by taking a shim out to get your cotter in but thats it. make sure that your arms are centered when all together (shaker arms that support sieves) good luck
You probably had it closer to right the first time without the washers. After replacing the busings, they may be slightly different spacings than the old ones. That is what the washers are for, to make up any differences. Sometimes you need to add here and remove there kind of thing. You can have extra washers when finished and it is ok, as long as no pulling or pushing was done when tightening the parts together. Sometimes you might even have to go buy a few extra washers.

I dont have the written assembly guide. I probably could'nt read it anyway. But I allways start at the first bushing and the arm with the cotter pin. I make those just right and press the big bushing to fit proper, then I "adjust" the rest of the bushings with washers to meet those first bushings settings. Reason being, the eccentric bearing arm and the arm with the cotter are both connected the superstructure mechanically. That makes that first big bushing's spacing very important. The rest are simply attached to the frame on one end and the chaffer and shoe rails on the other which makes them easier to adjust since the rails can be shifted and centered in the machine, and the frame end has washers as well.

Hope that made sense.
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