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Hello everyone,

We here at Sheyenne Sunmaster wanted to give everyone an update on what is new for 2014. Before we do that, we'd like to say thank-you to our customers who purchased from our dealer network in 2013. Here in North Dakota, as well as South Dakota, farmers were hit with some of the worst sunflower harvesting conditions we have ever seen. High winds, in addition to heavy, wet snow made for very poor conditions.

To continue our growth, we are going to be offering, for the first time, our Sheyenne Sunmaster headers in 22'' spaced rows. We will be offering them in two different sizes, a 12 row and a 16 row.

Early 2014 orders have indicated a huge increase in 22'' demand, coupled with steady commodity prices, we are hoping that we can accommodate those customers.

If you've ever had questions about our header, don't hesitate to PM me here, send an email, or call. You can also visit Sheyenne Tooling & Manufacturing to view pictures and video.
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