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shoe auger drive

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Has anyone else had problems withthe shoe supply auger drive setup on 9500? Ours went out last year and we put new parts in now yesterday find its gone again. The wathat thing is made baffles me. Thehub that goes against the clutch jaws has a flat surface that goes against a flat surface on the pulley hub. So this assy. has to drive the clutch which drives the shaft. What happens is the hub where its pressed against the pulley hub will slip. It never slips the clutch. It will be slipping at the pulley hub little by little;never enough to trip the alarm until its wore enough and it won't drive it at all. Have the piece at the machine shop now to make one piece pulley hub and clutch hub. How could this design be that useless? Ours seems to be the only 9500 around with this problem. Am imissing something that is causing this to fail? Thanks;Paul
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Usually the pulley hub wears into the shaft because of lack of grease. The faces of the two hubs will also wear but often the keyed hub is not replace because the wear is not obvious. Both faces need to be perfectly flat otherwise the pulley hub will wear out again very quickly. If everything is in good shape and greased regularly you should have no trouble, especially because you have the same drive parts as a 9600 with less augers to turn. It seems to me that if you weld the two hubs together you will have no slip clutch. Not a great idea.
That repair is just temporary; I still don't get how that drive can ever work properly the two flat surfaces of the keyed hub and pulley hub will surely slip before the ramped surface of the ratchet clutch would ever slip. Should have new parts in acouple days so then we will try this again.
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