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I made a 6' long wrench for tightening the gang bolts on our disk rippers. It seemed like we were always having them come loose, and just couldn't keep the dang things tight. I took and old broken 1" square shaft that was about 6' long and cut it to 2' & 4' pieces, I then took (3) 3/8" pieces of flat iron and cut out the "socket" part, then stacked them and welded them to the 2' shaft. the 4' shaft has a piece of bigger square tubing that slips onto the 2' shaft, making it about 6' long. I know it's tough to imagine, but I'm not good at explaing things like that. If my calcs are right, my 220lbs jumping on the end of a 6' shaft puts somewhere around 1300+ ft/lbs of torque on the nut...never had one come loose yet
1 - 1 of 143 Posts