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I have accumulated lots of shop built stuff over the years, few larger items like an heavy duty engine stand that rivals anything OTC builds, special roller stands for splitting tractors and stuff like that. Nice thing about building it yourself is you make it to work exactly as you want it to. The smaller stuff is usually specialty tools, those little tools that make things easy that would otherwise be very time consuming. I have a whole drawer in my one side cab of modified wrenches of all types. Have made several homemade wheel bearing type sockets and other odds and ends. My philosophy is if I am going to use it often or its for a job that requires certain precision, I'll spend the bucks and buy it, if its something I may only need once or twice, I'll build it. I have boxes of good used tools I keep around just to cut up for making special stuff.

I have a cupboard shelf and a box full of items that would mean nothing to most people, its all shop made versions of those special items needed when assembling transmissions and such, for a lot of the older stuff you cant buy them anymore, and some of the newer stuff is priced stupid and can take several weeks to special order. That was one awesome thing about the older manuals, they would give the OTC or Kent number of the item you needed, and then they would also give the dimensions and such so if you wanted to you could build your own.

Two that are in progress right now is a wheel dolly for tractor wheels and final drives complete and I'm halfway done making that wuzzy special socket with the slot in the side you need to tighten down those Bosh injectors;)
1 - 1 of 143 Posts