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Show me the BI-ROTOR!!!

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Does anyone know if deere is still testing a bi rotor concept combine in fields,or they just going to keep putting things they learn from the bi rotor tech into current sts tech. Whatever we see in 2011, I doubt it will be a full bi rotor combine...but closer to it. I would guess a vastly improved sts systems with bi rotor ideas, or maybe twin rotor sts combine,how about that concept.
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2011 Project Andromeda... No Bi-Rotor, No Twin Rotor, New Rotor Design, New Cab, New Engine, Faster Unload.... I could go on...
Is there going to be an active grain pan rather than bed augers? Those are so 1978.
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Hi you think the new concept will be better than bi rotor or will it have some bi rotor tech in it...what about dual conveyor system......also do you think deere will keep the bi rotor patents...looking forward to the new cabs also...thanks ryan
They may have canned it, but I bet they keep & renew the patents of bi-rotor to keep it at deere. I hope the new rotor doesgreat...and wears great. I also hope deere offers suspended tracks for combines.
Would be a big waste of time... the niche market for tracked machines from the factory doesn't even warrant the R&D as of right now... I'm sure they have looked at it but if it's like Case's $50k track option, good luck with the price of a new machine the way it's currently going.

The new combine will be just that in essence, but you will see the same technology with a few new twists & ideas.
People said:
Dont count on it guys!

They had the best combine in the world with the CTS and they scrapped it! The Bi-rotor just isnt going to happen. It will be STS's and walker machines in diffrent disguises
Yeah.....i could imagine what a 500hp cts machine would be like...but if the sts can outperform it and be simpler machine then that's good to...maybe we need them both and just have a choice again. But I believe the new deeres in 2011 will be bad a**.
The STS cant outperform it! Not if you put them next to eachother and have the same amount of horsepower on both of them. The 9670 do get a headstart on the CTS 2 bot not by much.

I still honestly believe that if you put the engine from a 9870 into a CTS it would leave everyone else for dead.

alas we will never know for sure!
Lets go cut corn, soybeans, milo and I can about guarantee that a CTS will not leave a STS machine.... the CTS is a small grains only crop & rice, more so rice than anything else.
Alex, I know some custom cutters from the Whapeton ND area that used to run CTS machines side by side with STS in soybeans and they said "that the CTS ate it alive" only heresay because I've never seen it, but can believe it based on the fact that it works better in rice. Don't know about corn or milo though.
Had a CTSII and traded it for the sts. The sts would definitely run circles around the cts in canola and canary that we grow. Get the cts some sieve area and I would like to try it again
they still make the CTS II in Europe, it is called the C670i. has more power than the CTS and is based on the larger 9600 frame. check it out, it would be a great unit in barley and oats.
You might have had the small grains concaves and rotorcage in it, which is no good! Agreed, with that setup they are hopeless!

But with the rice outfit, they are unstoppable! I have seen those those things absolutely slaughter STS's in wheat! Nothing wrong with the samples. You just gotta back your concave off, and let the rotors do the work, and then just drive them like you hate them.

If you go exotic with them and open the forward part of the concaves under the rotors an inch, so you can shove more stuff into them they are like mad howling beasts in a wheat field. If you get the error code for fuel return temperature to high, you are doing it right. I know for a fact its the same story in milo, and most leghumes.

In corn i would agree there could be some issues, and i agree to the fullest they are useless in canola full stop. In an overall perspective the STS is more versatile, but that has its drawbacks as well.
I think they should work out the bugs on the new 09 sts combines and drapers before they move on to diffrent stuff. We ran N6's back in the day and switched to JD7720's. Never thought about switching to another color. BUT It seems like JDs quality has been dropping the last couple of years. If you say diffrent your not looking at it very opened minded. I mean how many hours did they test the new drapers before they threw them out there for us to do some more r&d on IN THE FIELD. Before they released the 9600 they a proto they put 10,000 hours on. My dad seen it atleast 2 years before it came out. All im saying is make your stuff work perfect before jumping into a new project.
i remember seeing pictures of the new 09 drapers on this very forum a couple of years ago???

and would you honestly say that the 70 series is of poorer quality than the 60 series?
The "BI-ROTOR"-- would be hard to beat when it comes to the New Holland CR 9040, 60, 70, ,80, and 9090...
Speaking of hearsay, I wanted to run something by those of you in the know:
I heard a guy saying the other day that he heard about an experimental combine that John Deere was testing. I know nothing about the machine other than he said it took 2 semi trucks/trailers to haul the combine (alone).

My first question was "How do you go about splitting a combine [in order to haul it]?"

The guy I was talking to had no idea how the combine would be split. He said he did not think it would go over (with custom harvesters) because it would take very skilled labor to set the machine back up; and also few people would want to tie up 2 semi rigs on one combine.

Alex and others: have you heard or seen anything like what I've described above? Again, I have no idea whether this rumor has ANY truth to it.
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