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Sieve loss monitor on pro 600

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We run a 8010 with the pro 600 monitor. What sensitivity do you normally run your sieve loss monitor on in soybeans? Mine is currently set on only 30 right now and in 45 bushel beans behind wheat it is running in the red a lot of the time at 4mph with a 35' macdon. It doesn't appear like there are a lot of beans on the ground but there is a lot of ground cover and it is hard to tell. That red light makes me think I may be missing some. When I do a power stall there is a lot of material on the sieves but it is evenly distributed from side to side on the sieves.
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I have the same problem on 30 we ran on 23 but dont feel like it would show loss there. IT worked better in corn where we ran 38
try it on 25 and then do a power stall and really take the time to look if there is any thing going ou the back
Usually run the sieve loss in beans at 25-28 and in corn this fall 34-35 due to lighter test weight and higher moistures in corn.
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