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skip wires for wheat

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Anyone use skip wires over the 3 and 4 spots? Last year we used small wire in the front and large wire in the back. Did not like the job it did. We were in heavy wheat with lots of straw and from what I could tell the loss was on the Rotor. Other than wheat I am happy with the machines. Anyone care to share their setting?
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We use small wire in the front 4 and slotted in the back 4. Set the vanes in the middle in the front and gradually adjust to max at the rear of the rotor. We also have spike tooth rasp bars in the rear to make it more aggressive. Joes speed setting look to be in the ball park of what we do as well. Hope this helps and good luck.
use small wire cancaves for wheat , rotor speed at 1000 rpm , Fan at 1000 rpm .
thats what I use for wheat. For my 8010

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We use large skip wires in the 4th position and a large in the 3rd in high yielding crops,have also used in the large skip wire in 3rd and 4th but be carefull with overloading your sieve.
With that kind of wind you must have your sieves wide open. I have not messed with the veins but that would hold it longer. Ill try that and see what it does. Anyone run blanks in the front concave to clean up white caps? thanks
If you want to get rid of the white caps the hard to thresh kit that is available from case ih is your best option,expensive but it works.We have also retarded the vanes in the theshing area,and in mid position in seperation area.It uses a little more power but it helps.This is what we use for settings,1st and 2nd concaves are small wire,3rd is large and 4th is large skip wire,rotor 1050 rpm,fan1000,concave at 0 to 5 (depends on cracking) top sieve 15 and bottom 13 if calibrated properly.Set your tailings to 100% and make sure your tailings are minimal so you don't overload the sieve, pre sieve opened to the 2nd to 3rd notch.These are the settings with vanes retarded,hard to thresh kit is different.
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