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Small hay grapple

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Well folks - after picking up another cutting by hand the other day I have been looking into this more. This is what I found so far.

Hoelscher Hay Systems - Hay Handling Fork Model 50
408 Grabber

I am leaning towards the Steffens The Bale Handler | 1.888.543.8429 TBH5-B unit with an additional side bar so the unit can work as an accumulator too in the field. Thoughts?

Last question - how many times can you engage and disengage the hooks in the bale? I will be running around the field, and instead of sliding the bale to the next for pickup, I was hoping to grab it, move the the next, disengage, align the second one, the grab again and so on. Will this approach work?

I will load on to a 20' equipment trailer and I do understand some re-stacking for interlock will be required. This is a small operation at 25 to 70 bales per field.
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My tractor and baler are maxed out already, so something extra towed will not work. I am using a Bobcat CT 235 and a Hesston 4550 inline that works very well, but I am at the limit - thus the grapple/accumulator and trailer behind my truck.

Maybe some day if I can upgrade. Thanks for the thoughts though.
I went with a special 205 Compact Bale Grabber from Kuhns Mfg LLC | Kuhns Mfg provides a small square hay bale handling solution..
They were great to work with, especially sizing it properly. It will handle 4 bales flat in either directions to facilitate stacking. The side bar also comes off for loading folks up.
Very good pricing too compared to the others, and the workmanship on the unit is excellent.
1 - 3 of 5 Posts
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