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Snake oil?!

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Sky Cloud Product Nature Automotive tire

Don’t know Jim other than he is a friend of my daughter and son-inlaw and farms near Dalum SE of Drumheller, Alberta.

Someone want to explain to me how it got in manifold?!
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Fall off drill and break a body part probability too!

That is a huge snake at that earth latitude I’d say.
We’ve been duped!

That makes more sense.
It was snake oil, turned out to be an applly named thread.
Good idea on the hose, why aren’t we using abrasive material rubber hose (pneumatic bulker type, cement etc) instead of this junk white plastic.
Agree, but how many would put up with the vastly higher cost?
Ideal would be whatever is used on sand blasting equipment for wear.
These SOB's are pretty bad here. Cotton mouths are pretty common in the rice fields here. They are fairly aggressive and have short snake syndrome. They don't get much over 3 feet(.9144m for you non-SAE folks) but think they are 20 feet long and indestructible.
Imagine that means you occasionally put one through harvesting?
Guess you wouldn’t even know if one went through, unlike for some grasshoppers I’m sure it would be fatal.
Yessir Don, every so often one will go through a machine but you can't tell it. Not big enough. If they become big enough to stop a machine I'm retiring.
I’d retire from any area they would be in!
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