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Stuff was immaculate, showroom condition, all original, classic Midwest "clean and green" farm sale. Short sale, very few small items, total length of sale 2 hours.


JD 9500 w/9510 updates 3200 engine/2247 sep. hours $41,100.

Bargain of the sale: JD 8100 MFD, full dress, 4500 hours $59,600.

Just before that things got a bit wild: JD 4440, full dress, 5900 hours, full powershift $36,700.

Then there was the 4020... 1972, 2 valves, 3 pt, non-powershift, 18.4x34's, 9682 total hours, 1654 hours on overhaul. This one is the cleanest 4020 you will find anywhere, completely original, unrestored, show room condition. This tractor blew the roof of things between a neighbor bidding and a guy on a phone bidding, she drew a very large round of applause once the final gavel fell at $24,100.

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****, I think you been adding one to many zeros to the totals.:eek:
Old mate that retired would certainly be happy with that sale.
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