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solid grates for wheat?

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Just wondering if anyone has tried using one or possibly two solid grates for cuttin wheat. In certain wheat conditions no matter what changes i did i had problems overloading my bottom sieve and getting high tailings. i would have very little rotor loss but seive loss was a little on the high side so i'm thinking this might help a little bit. Oh and the combine is a 2388 with the afx in it. thanks
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Open the bottom sieve a little. You have it closed too tight.
I've had that sieve's in pretty much every position possible, messed with concave space, rotor speed, fan speed. i get in certain conditions and it just seems like it just don't have enough cleaning area
I have alway run either interrupter bars or solid(similar to cover plates) for the front concave and also where the return elevator dumps to the rotor...Know you said grates, my choice is slotted with bars over the holes.
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