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What concave/grate setup do you guys run in soybean and sunflowers on a standard rotor?

In soybean i run helical in front, large wires 2 & 3, Slotted grates with no 1 & 3 closed of with filler platers on the outside. But i still get some unthressed pods, not much but i would like to get rid of them. Maybe put in a smallwire in no 2 and take out every 2 wire? Changing rotor and concave opening doesn't clear it up. Moisture harvesting is about 12 - 13%

In sunflower pretty much the same but with no 2 & 3 grate closed. Gives the cleanest sample at the hopper out of a lot of deffirent machines
. But i put filler plates on the inside of the grates instead of the outside. Moisture at 9%.

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