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Grinding corn?? Are you running your concaves closed or your rotor too high. Rotor speed should only be in the 300 rpm range and concaves set on about 3. Vanes in slow position with either 3 or 6 separator bars depending on how well the corn is yielding. I can run 5-5.5 mph with 4 row head in 200bpa corn with my 1660 with very little cracking. Also you need to keep the rotor full to minimize damage due to grain on metal contact. The best concaves I've run for corn are worn out large wire concaves. Never had any experience with helicals. I would imagine Gordon bars would be benificial in corn because they are kind of a crossover between a specialty and standard rotor. In soybeans, rotor speed should be 600-800 rpm and concaves 2-3. If you have your separator bars in, run the last 3 vanes in the fast position. Also your specialty rotor would greatly benefit from an afx style front end being put on. Single best mod I've ever done
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