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I am curious in the difference between a spec and std rotor in threshing and feeding, and have always wondered why the specialty rotor was an option for so many years instead of standard equipment (but works so much like an afx rotor now, that is standard equipment),, It must have major disadvantages, but what are they and why? Ive also always wondered why elephant ears were used for so many years instead of the set up like on an afx rotor, because it seems to me that they actually kick materal back to the front of the cone?? I am looking at a 1666 for fescue and ryegrass seed (threshes easy but green material wraps everywhere it can) and, corn and beans, I have heard horror stories about axial flows and grass seed wrapping, has anyones ever had any experience with grass seed and specialty rotors and for that matter, standard rotors too , also has anyone ever put an afx kit on a specialty rotor, and last has anyone ever used a small tube/auger rotor such as a bison rotor for grass seed? Also what affects will all of these have on my corn bean capacity??
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