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Hi everyone. I'm a young custom operator. I have some customers asking me to look into forage chopping. I know very little about SP units. What kind of production rate should I expect (MT per Hour avg.) from a good used small SPFH, like a NH FX30, in alfalfa hay and corn? I am trying to come up with a formula to use for my business plan for this.
Right now I am thinking $100,000.00 for a good used SP sourced from the used Equip paper and $1/HP hour plus fuel so a FX30 would be $385.00 plus fuel. $75.00 per hour plus fuel for haul trucks. Farmer supplies packer/ blower/bagger unit.

I could also ask the simple question, how many cows/ tonnes of feed/ acres chopped justify a small SPFH and support equip/operators?

Any thoughts are appreciated
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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