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Spraying tractor

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I'm considering updating my sprayer tractor. Currently I'm running a John Deere 4555 pulling a Top Air 1200 gallon sprayer. I'd really like to go with a John Deere 7930 with an IVT. Is there anything I need to look out for that are common problems? I like the 7930 because it is lighter weight than an 8030 series Deere. It is also still small enough to run a baler if needed. I am wanting more horsepower because when it is soft the 4555 works to pull a full sprayer and some day I might get a bigger sprayer. Is anybody else using a 7930 spraying and if so how do you like it? Also, any recommendations on front tire sizes for ride quality and flotation? Currently have 420R28 on the front of the 4555 and if hardly ever breaks through soft ground. We have a 7730 with a power quad already for baling and feeding and I've gotten spoiled by the size of the cab and how quiet it is. Any advice and suggestions are appreciated.
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Freeman, were you running duals on your 7930? What I've looked online most have 380/34 or 420/30 on the front and 480/46 on the rear. We raise mostly wheat and some oats, and spraying with duals you can't usually see the tracks after a couple weeks.
I've considered an 8130 but was concerned about the extra weight and it being a little big to use on a round baler and for possible loader work. If I went with an 8030 series I figured I'd want to go with an 8230 or 8330 for extra power since they are the same base weight as an 8130.
I think the 7930 fits best for us to be more versatile. It would be big enough to pull our 23 foot disk on occasion, and a 30 foot harrow on hay ground. It would also work as a second baling tractor when I wasn't spraying.
1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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