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Spring harrowing?

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Does anybody harrow in the spring prior to seeding in a no till system?

The reason I ask is because I see other farmers doing it in the fall
And I can see a benefit to their crops by better emergence

But... Their fields didn't seem to catch the snow as a non harrowed field.
Since soil moisture is everything, doesn't it make sense to harrow after
The winter? Also could you use a light harrow doing it since it's been bio degrading all winter, which would cost less than heavy harrowing as well?

Any thoughts? Other pros or cons?
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Quit harrowing after combine when traded up to STS. :)
Nothing but dust from 60 bu wheat.
Fall apply fertilizers with air seeder, then cultivate or harrow even twice in spring to get all straw/loose stubble as even as possible for air drill.
However me worst experience was heavy rain on spring harrowed stubble, way more run off. Remember heavy harrows PACK the soil.
Best emergence of canola is on twice cultivated last fall! :confused:
This is on WET black cold soil. We need it blacker.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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