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ok, today, i ordered more things that my machine needs. as you can tell it helps to shop them around some. ive bought lots of parts from shoup in the past and have been very satisfied with them. they advertise free shipping on any order over $200 and abilene doesnt. although the fellow @abilene offered to pay the shipping on this order considering the amount of parts i purchased. i got all of this from abilene other than the feeder chain and i got it from shoup. my slats are in perfect shape and saw no need to change them. i realize one can cut his nose off to spite his face when going for bottom dollar goods. i hope i havent done this on these parts. but with fuel and inputs going up by the second i decided it was time to shop these things around while i had time to wait on the shipping. i shopped these items around between shoup and abilene machine. parts and prices are listed as fallows----------when i get time i will try to price these at my local dealer as well just to see the difference-------hope ive made the right choice.

shoup abilene
clean grain

chain 235.90 224.57
upper spr 42.75 31.00
lower spr 36.50 26.00


chain 176.00 194.42
sprockets 36.95x2 26.00x2


close spcd chn 604.60---chain only 1149.50------cplt chain and slats
outter sprkts 29.75x2 22.00x2
inner sprks 41.50x2 31.50x2
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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