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We moisture tested the milo late yesterday evening, and it showed dry enough, so:
We started milo harvest today...we got a really late start because of some swather problems we are having over on the "hay side" of the field....

When I first started, I was getting my combine (JD 9600) adjusted (concave setting, cylinder speed, chaffer, sieve, pre-cleaner, FAN speed, etc) know : the usual adjustment we make when first pulling into a crop...
I noticed that the fan speed was not adjusting like it should. I was running about 150 rpm too much fan, so I tried to slow it down...The fan speed (displayed on the dig. tach.) would not come down, so I radioed a guy, so he could come over and watch the elec. motor 'turn' the fan speed down.
(You know, one can't see the elec. motor from the cab, especially when you are holding the adjuster button)
My hired guy said that the motor was "torque-ing" (sp?). (motor itself was moving, but adjuster stud would'nt rotate). We were unsure if the motor was weak/worn out, or if something was 'froze up'...
Sure enough, the nut-like assembly that the threaded stud runs through was HARD to thread! We unplugged the elec. motor, and took the whole assembly to the shop, and put it in the vise. After some heat, panther-pee, and Never Sieze, we got it to moving...
After about a half-hour of wrangling with it, it worked.
Has this happened to you? or is this just kind of a freak deal..(?)
Why are there 2 kinds of washers on the threaded stud? (seems like one is steel, and the other brass or alloy(?) ) It seems like the washers dangling around may have messed the threads up, [some]..
Again, after we made the 'nut assembly' thread up and down on the threaded stud (by hand..w/big wrench!), we put it together, and the elec. motor was able to move it o.k. I am wondering if this fan speed [adjustment] assembly was put together incorrectly at some time or another. There are a couple of nuts jambed together at the outer end of the stud..I suppose so the assembly won't thread/adjust too far..Is this the way yours' is? Does yours' have the washers dangling around on the threaded stud? (Mine are) Doesn't look quite right to me, but its always worked..
Maybe I am not remembering the sequence correctly, but I think those two washers were on the inside of the "nut assembly", then the "nut assembly", then the two nuts jambed together on the outside end...Is this correct?


Other than that, things went great. We only cut a few loads, today. After the really late start, and the fan speed 'glitch', and being dog tired, we called it off early today. Also, I wanted to see what the milo's moisture was, according to the elevator's tester..After all, their's is the one that counts! I am not completely sure what the field is yielding, yet, but I am sure that it is making at least 5,000 lbs./acre. For us drylanders, in this area, that is a good yield...well above average! Thank the Lord! Drought, hail, bugs, or the combination of usually 'takes out' one of our crops. To make two crops (wheat & milo) in one year is good, and for BOTH of them to be so high-yielding...well....that is G R E A T!!
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