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Steiger 525/ Versatile 1156 pictures Wanted

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Would anyone who has pictures of both these tractors please post them. I have looked on google & don't find to many pictures of either tractor. Would like to make a 8x10 picture of each tractor.Thank you in advance. Would like pictures with factory exhaust on each if anyone has any.
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Yes, I would like to add some pictures to my wall 8x10 with good detail of tractor.Versatile 1156 & Steiger 525 Tiger. Please if anyone has some on their farm. I have seen all of them on google.
Guys, Any help I can get ,I appriate. I am more picky then most on this stuff. I love tractor period. I just want the Biggest model of each brand to make a 8x10 to put on wall. If you look me up on Facebook, you will see my AGCO/Allis/White pictures. I love Steiger & versatile & just want to finish. Thanks for your help...........Facebook Chad Shafer
Problem I have is the pictures on web are to small to blow up to see the detail of decals,axles,so on..
Thanks for the pictures. I have never seen a blue 1156. You have a nice tractor. Is the pump turned up?
Please post pictures of both. I want to see pictures of factory models.
1 - 6 of 19 Posts
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