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i have a 1688 that has the sp rotor in it. i have run 8 gordon bars in the past and i am getting ready to install the other 12 over the concaves and 4 gordon sep bars over the concave transtion. i have a large wire small space helical with every other wire removed in front, large wire wide space helical in the middle, and a lowen large wire with every other wire removed in the 3rd position. plan on putting large wire wide space helical with every other wire removed, just havent got it done yet. i have helical grates that i stole the idea from a hack
that learks here some(thanks doorknob aka old pokey). sorry if i blew your cover. i also run a gordon air jet chafer system. the rotor currently has 8 straight bars on it. i was thinking of removing them and adding the sp rasp bars that i take off the front. i was pleased with the sample, but always room for improvement(esp with planting more conventional beans)(real tired of big m crap). mainly just corn and beans with a little wheat every so often. any thoughts. thanks

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