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I have a 9660STS with a 2-speed 4wd that has about 1/4 of play between the cast housing and the bottom spindle. The casting, and what I call the spindle, is all part of the wheel motor. The casting is actually what is wearing out. This machine has only 2000 engine hours on it and I have had it for about 150 hours. When I bought it the bottom grease zerk was broke so it may not have been greased for some time before that, but I did not see the kind of wear that is on it now. Talking with my dealer the wheel motor, splindle and housing is all one part. Close to $14,000 for the wheel motor new or $11,000 for a reman.

Has anyone else seen this? Is there anything else that can be done besides purchasing a whole wheel motor? I'm not real excited about purchasing a new wheel motor for that kind of money when the wheel motor still works fine but has play, however I don't want to see what it will look like in the field if the casting breaks.

Any thoughts would be helpful. Thank you.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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