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STS auger bed drain covers(new option?)

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Just saw a 9870 2010, with a handle below the feed accelerator belt. It is used to open auger bed drain covers. Is this a new option just out? Or is it now standard issue? I don't see it on two 9770's that just came to the dealer and have not been PDI'd.
I also see a difference in the black side channels of the 9870's moisture sensor,compared to the 9770's. I know canola can really cause the moisture sensor to quit working about 2/3 of the way thru a hopper sometimes.( "plunger jammed message" I think). The 9870 has much longer black side shutes on the moisture sensor,which I think would help in canola.
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I set up/PDI'd 2 MY10 9770's and they both had the handle that you are talking about. Im not sure if it is an option or not. As far as the HMM, i know there was an update to the plunger material that was made of rubber belting instead of the hard plastic of 60 and early 70 series...
The moisture sensor on the neighbour's 9770 is different than the picture in the manual. You can reach under the black plastic shields on the sides and feel an opening at the top. I'm guessing that this opening lets the canola that jammed the older model fall out. It didn't jam in several hundred acres of canola that wasn't all dry.
I think that handle is standard on 9870. Also think it comes with the Pro Drive option on 9770. Can't confirm that though.
Yes on 9870's and combines with pro drives the handle is there. The pro drive transmission leaves little room to get to the front of the auger bed covers to unbolt the old style drains.
doing the shoe auger drive shaft is going to suck so hard on prodrive machines. bad enough on a three speed.
I hear that. I am 6'4" and 275 and I barely fit in there on a three speed. I pray that we never have to do the shoe auger shaft with the pro drive.
you can come do mine

I've got one that the left end shaft lock collar/tone wheel came loose and wrecked the shaft, i cannot get a new one to stay on. i'm just dreading that one.
even to check up in there i always take the brake drum off and pull the drive shaft. With all the hoses, and now that we can't just pull the brakes off, it will be awesome

i hear your pain 6'4" 255
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