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I have had trouble with the door you are talking about in Corn before. Yes it breaks and gets smashed up because parts of cob it thrown back from the chopper at a million miles an hour. Only thing I can suggest you do, is that you find one from a burnt combine somewhere and reinforce the crap out of it with bits of flat, and then use that one for corn only.

The chopper itself also causes a fair bit of headaces, but there are ways around that aswell.

Shape and weld a 10 mm roundbar to the bottom edge of your spreader vanes. (you know the ones that guides the material coming from the chopper out to the sides) That stops them from being shot to bits. The very outer ones that deflects it the most might even benefit from having a bit of roundbar being welded along the middle on the backside. Because they always die first. You can leave the roundbar there when youre done, because it doesnt affect its spreading ability in cereals.

Also I highly recommend that you put the chopper on slow, and just live with a poorer spreading result.

Drop the chopper knifes, if you havent already. Because they will absolutely die if you dont. If you are going to harvest corn over a long period, I suggest you start every morning by starting up the combine, engage the seperator and bring it up to full throttle. Then put a hand on the chopper and check if its vibrating. If it is, you want to spend half an hour balancing it out, because it causes metal fatigue on the back part of the combine incredebly quick and will eventually make the chopper break of your combine.

I would always ask the client I was harvesting for, if I could windrow it, in case he had to burn the field afterwards anyway, because it would save me hours of repairs afterwards.

I have often though about taking all the flails out of the chopper, and replace them with a bits of flatbar and then balance them out. Because you are not chopping the corn chaff anyway, just throwing it, and you dont really need to break 300$ flails for doing that.
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