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John Deere, from my experience has a solution for most problems in their machinery. The problem lies with the dealers not informing the customers of PIP's or bulletins.
For instance, the above bundle I mentioned is to be used in edible beans when you have rotor rpm's below 300 rpm. In some cases, there has been catastrophic damage to machines that have not had this installed. Ours did not have it, and we were using the machine in exactly those conditions. I heard about the kit kind of word of mouth from a local guy who did grenade his rotor cage in beans. You would think the dealer would be right on this. When I went into the store to inquire about it, I got the reponse:"yea, we have sold a few of 'em". Our dealer KNOWS we combine edible beans with this machine...WTF!!!!
How hard is it to for each salesman to phone their customers that he sold a machine to and keep them updated...c'mon people. These are expensive machines, and the dealers have some obligation to their customers to make sure he/she knows what's available for the machine to make it work at it's peak in the crops that are locally grown.

Next rainy day, I am going to have a meeting with the store manage, parts manager, service manager, and saleman about this very concern. If something major would to happen to my machine when they knew about a solution, there would be BIG trouble.

off my soapbox now
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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