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STS fires in sunflowers

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We're harvesting sunflowers here in Canada now, and I've had a few guys with some major fire issues on STSs. They seem to start inside the combine, maybe at the back of the rotor and spread from there. We've tried alot of things- blowing the combine completely clean before entering the field, wetting down the entire machine inside at out until there's water running out of the elevators, putting on multiple grounding chains...Nothing seems to help. Within half an hour the machine is smoking from somewhere. Now one had a fire so bad there's about $30,000 damage. The oil seeds seem to be worse than the confectionary. Walker machines seem to be fine. They're sick of paying me to fix hoses and wiring harnesses. Any solutions?
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Wheatwacker is onto it. You want to harvest at night since #1 it's cooler and #2 the oil doesn't come out of the seed as much when it's cool therefore less oil in the combine hence, no fires.

Joe C.
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