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STS reel raise/lower speed

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Is there any way to increase the speed of the raise/lower on the reel of 70 series STS's. After swathing for days I can't stand the slowness of the reel raise/lower on the combine.
After all, swathers do so quickly. At least ours do. None of the combines over the years have.
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Is this a Deere header?
On 60 series with a MacDon the reel cylinders are far larger requiring more oil, we removed the orifice and it was faster, but still dam slow compared to a windrower.
I was going to time a cycle but I didn't have a calendar handy.

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One is macdon, other is deere.
Macdon is already darn fast too raise lower on the swather. Hate to remove orfice and have to replace while swathing.
No, the orfice is on the combine, not the header, in the valve stack reel lift port.

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