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Inlaws have a STX 385 which they pull a Morris maxim II drill & 300bu morris cart. Normally the remotes are:
#1- knives up/down
#2- wings up/down
#3- not used
#4- fan speed

Today they started seeding and 50ac in #4 remote quit working. Can't get any fan speed. They switched to #3 remote and it doesn't work either. Switched to #2 remote and that runs the fan good.

They put the wing up/down on #4 but haven' tried it.

They get a hyd fault code when they try use #3 & 4 remotes. The same fault that comes up when the remote is left on when tractor is started.

They never had this problem before and everything worked last year. They did use tractor this spring for deep tillaging but only used #1 and #2 remotes. All the remotes are are set to "continuous" except #1.

any thoughts whats wrong?
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