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Stx 435 a/c

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2010 STX 435 A/C quit working in auto & manual mode. Cab blower works. Can tell fan speed increases trying to cool cab but no cold air comes through vents. All fuses are ok underneath RH console (there is no A/C fuse underneath). Any ideas where to turn to next?

I haven't tried to see if the heater works. A/C worked great during seeding time this spring and while pull dozing this summer. Now this fall it quit.
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I'm thinking it's the thermostat or ATC module. Drove it the other day when it was 32C outside. A/C worked for about 5mins. Then turned it to hottest setting and still never cooked me out of the cab. Played with temp control turning it from hot to cold settings & switching backing forth from auto to manual mode. After 10 mins the A/C started working again and stayed working.
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