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Well i made it....

I'm sure everyone has those lists of things they want to do before they die...well one more thing got checked off of mine.

I had an absolute blast and met some great people. I worked with and excellent crew and had a great boss all summer. Everyone treated me like family even though you hardly knew these people. I would recommend them to anyone.

I saw the west from a whole different perspective that very few people get to appreciate. You see lots of things that don't make the news or maps, but you just think to yourself that it isn't like that in Illinois.

I took quite a few pics, and was going to load them all on here, but that is taking me forever.

Here is a link to my Facebook.....You can look at them and blow them up if you see something interesting. I don't have them all up because of time constraints, but i promise to finish loading them within a week or two.

Any questions or comments are welcome.
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