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Sunflower Header Pan Size?

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Hello All
It's all new to me. With a pan header, does it have to be spaced accordingly & do you have to drive down the rows if they're planted as a row crop? What if they're solid seeded with an airseeder? Would 9" pans work for both? Can you cut in any direction?
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Buy a sunmaster, row head, or sunstar kit. Pans are the ****tiest thing ever invented.
12" pans will have openings every 15". Therefore they line up perfect with 30" rows.

9" pans wil have openings every 12" which would be better for having them solid seeded due to the flowers bending less to get to an opening.

Either will work for rows or solid seeding.
Ditto what case said I have had good success with lucke pans. Mine are nine inch. Solid seeded or in rows they go in.
I run Luke pans, they work nice most of the time. If the flowers were planted with a drill, you can go any direction and you won't notice a difference. If you planted them in rows (I plant mine in 30 inch rows) then you will lose less by harvesting with the rows as long as the pan spacing matches the rows. (I have 12 inch pans so I actually use every other space to get 30 inch rows). You can cut against the grain ok, but when the heads of the flowers shake and rub against each other you lose seed, and there are the heads that hit straight at the point and they often go down in front. good luck
Another vote for lucke pans. Have one header set up and in the process of setting another up. Hands down best pans out there.
Let me know if you have any other concerns, I'd definitely answer any questions you'd have about a Sunmaster going up against Lucke's.
Give me a call or PM me on here.

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