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Sunnybrook concaves

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Has anybody tried the new aggressive sunnybrook concave that are available to replace the standard front three concaves in a 9690 or a 9790?
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I run two max thresh in the front and the rest round bar. I really like them. More capacity, cleaner grain, less engine load, and they stay clean.
corn and soys
The R&D, Fabrication for the product line is now spearheaded by Kondex Corp., Lomira Wisconsin. It's available through AGCO. Sunnybrook still looks after R&D in Canada.
Part numbers and info see KX7 | KX7 or Local Expertise With a Continental FocusSunnybrook Welding

Thanks !!
Last fall put in 3 max thresh and the rest round bar. First crop I did was sunflowers, expected they might well be too aggressive, but did a beautiful job. Doing my first wheat with it now, easy threshing winter wheat, beautiful job. Looking forward to seeing results in harder threshing spring wheat. Conversation with Sunnybrook last year, guy said if it doesn't get the job done in harder threshing SW, to remove first round bar concave (concave #4), put an original close wire concave in position #1 with cover plate, and have the 3 max thresh concaves in positons 2-4.

So far, very pleased. I'm sure impressed I can go from sunflowers to wheat with no changes.
I am going to order a set thru Worthington ag parts in the morning for my 9790. I wanted to get some before wheat harvest but priced them thru Agco and got discouraged in the price.

I am going to try a oem concave in #1 position and then 3 MaxThresh and 3 MaxRound. I am also going to get a set of maxthesh and maxround boxes to play around with the configuration.

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