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This looks like just the machine that a guy needs to drift a neighbours crop. Good luck tying to sell this to grain farmers.
Actually there was different variations back in the 50-60s called a Boomless sprayer that utilized a PTO driven squirrel cage fan with multiple nozzles in the air duct. I bought one years ago at a neighbors auction and stripped it down and made a fenceline sprayer out of it as it had a nice little 80 gallon aluminum tank. That one had six nozzles and you could flop the air duct from one side to the other. Supposedly covered about 30 feet per pass. I'm not saying it was a possibly efficient machine or one I would want to use but they existed and were used a lot in grain crops. A few old farm supply catalogs I have show them as well;)
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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