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Wasn't sure where to start this thread but i thought this was a good a place as any.

Anyways we're dealing on a swather and was curious between a MacDon m155 and a NH H8060 which the better machine was.

Not much experience with either machines. Have looked inside both cabs and like the NH cab better. MacDon seems to be behind NH in that category in my opinion. Have heard bad things about the macdon gps and a few other little things.

As far as headers go, dont know much about the macDons but have a honeybee straightcut draper, 94C i believe. Cut a lot of acers with it last fall and theres a few little things that could be improved. Mind you its a 09 so they may have been improved since then, not sure.

Will be used for mostly Canola and cereals. Probably going with 30ft, just wanted some opinions on both machines and what to look for and which would be better, double or single drive, split/single reel, etc.

Also the new NH speedrower series and duraswath headers look promising.. Has anyone cut any acres with one of these machines yet? I think they are just out for fall 2014.

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