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t670 any tips

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has anyone been using a t670 yet this year, any tip on setting or anything to look out for.
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What crop are you going to be harvesting? We have one out right now that just finished up with canola, will soon be going into wheat and afterwards cutting alfalfa seed. It's a new combine to me as i primarily deal with large STS machines. So far we have had good luck with it. It has a Acculevel 18* sidehill kit on it and a 625R. It does fairly well in the canola, i expect the capacity to be low in wheat. Im really looking forward to see how well it handles the alfalfa seed.
i will be harvesting peas, canola, wheat, duram, and flax. What model sts would you say it compares to.
Your capacity will be lower in canola then in wheat. In cereals it should keep up to a 9770.
We will have it in the wheat next to a 9770 with either a 630R or a 635F. We'll see how it keeps up.
Does the t670 have any trouble with wrapping in flax.
We done quite a bit of flax with it last year. It was great in flax, no problems at all. On the other hand though the 936D was not up to par. A 900 series draper in my opinion is only good for cereals.
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