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I ran one last harvest and some of my customers are deeply interested in it. I think the threshing system is decently designed. It does not have a walker loss problem. It lacks High Unload Rate. It likes to be pushed like a rotary but there is a lot of complaining that comes from under the cab floor. A high-inertia cylinder would take care of that. It feels short on power, but that is most likely due to running the straw chopper WAY faster than it needs to be, over 3000 rpm. Redekop has a kit that slows it down and uses their MAV rotor. This saves a bunch of horsepower and gives the same good chop with a bit wider spread.

The sample was very good in wheat. I would be concerned about maintenance in the future seeing as accessibility would be difficult on some of the threshing components.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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