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i have for the last two years been switching my nav controller and 262 antenna back and forth from my tractor to combine as needed. Last fall I took the nav and antenna out of the combine and put it on the shelf for the winter. I put the two pieces in my tractor yesterday and it's like my iNtellaview doesn't even know gps was invented let alone installed. When I go to the toolbox there isn't even the menu for nav or gps. When I am at the main run screen the icon that show up in the upper left corner in the squares are blank. Nothing to show signal or anything. All my run screens that I had set up are different like they were returned to a default setting. My memory stick is still in the back of the monitor so I'm at a loss. It's the weekend and even thought it can wait till Monday to call someone it's bothering the **** out of me

Any suggestions?
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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