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When adjusting the clutch on the feeder beater on an M3 you said to add washer until it locks up and then remove three. I had it so it was locked up fairly good and then removed the three. I had replaced the drum a couple years ago and I must not have had the shaft over to the right hand side far enough because I have to use the small shim washers just under the big washer that holds the springs in. There is only about 3/16" clearance between the spring holder and the big washer now. The book recommends 1/4"-5/16". Do you think I have it adjusted too tightly or it will be okay? Also, on my flex head that will fit on an L or M, the straw retarders that keep the bean straw from rolling up the back side of the head do not go all the way to the feeder beater. Looking in my book, there are extensions for the M. I ordered some today. Do you think that will help with the plugging? It seems that when it plugs, it is most always at the outside edges of the feeder beater and I'm wondering if I can keep the straw down until it gets to the beater if that won't help some. Thanks for your help!
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