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thanks and how do I put cable on 9120T

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Thanks for all the comments a few months ago that helped with the decision to trade for 9120 tracked machine rather than adding used cat tracked machine for second machine. Here is picture of it before we got it all dirty in the muddy field today. Have a questions has anyone put cables and or brackets for pulling it out on one of these things before. Have seen the way mother case suggest on regular dualed machines but track machines are different and that setup won't work. No help from dealer and or case assist yet, was told next year thats a joke. This animal is amazing but am still sure it will be when not if this gets stuck.
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What's wrong with the given setup that it wont work??
Note- I dont know what the given setup looks like, Ive only looked at the back of my dad's 8010 once, im simply asking from a gathering knowledge standpoint...
Case has two ways it recommend in the manual it tells to hook to the lifting eyes at the back by the sieve. Thats has not been a great idea from what I have seen and heard the combine is other out of square after that as the torque to remove them is seldom evenly loaded. I have seen those thinks tore right off last fall. On the dualed or float single machines a guy is build brackets that go on main axle tube that extend 12 inches below so miss the bottom augers and tin. This bracket is to be out of 1 inch or larger steel reinforce on the front side and attached to cable on each side to back there is room for wideth of 10 or so both front and back sides of the axle tube. I now of three of these type put on combines around me that I have been directly involved with so far one falled and really messed up the augers and tin underneth it, other one has aftermarket tracks on it and is still stuck this morning yet, third is sitting in the shed yet guy is waiting for it to dry some more. On the 9120 tracked machine the area on the axle does not have room for maybe only a 5 1/2 or 6 each with sides bevelled plate and to extend down that 12 inches you run into one of the cross rods that tie the two tracks together in front of and just under the axle tub and on the back side there is a hyd line that tensions the tracks and a second rod that ties the track units together as well.
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