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The Disrupter Guy is back!

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There have been numerous inquaries about my disaperance and I'm here to set the record straight. I retired and had a shop sale in 2003. At that time the Disrupters were still available from Case-IH. Because of my non-envolvement with the product and the lack of my advertizing of the Disrupter, Case-IH sales went down and they took them out of there parts in 2009. (There were things that went on during my absence like a devorce, I was married to a house keeper, a car keeper, and a lot of money keeper.) But now I'm back with all of The Disrupter Kits, along with my rebuilding service of hard-faced rotor and cylinder bars, concaves, stock rolls and, many other wear parts for all combines. I am a consultant for C M Welding Inc. Located at 4496 N. Co. Rd. O e-w, Frankfort In. 46041 Web site ( ) Cell 765-891-1722 business 765-258-4024 . Call me any time with any questions, Thanks Donnie
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Do you still have the web site? I haven't posted over there for awhile.
got a quick question i have a speciality rotor and it doesnt have any of the spiked bars if i used the disrupters would i have to change all of the bars or can i get away with changing the straight bars with the spiked ones
adk247 It is a-lot better if you have all 33 spikes over the back half of the rotor. The most spikes that you can get over the disrupters by replacing the stright bars is only 16. On a standard rotor we have 48 hard-faced teeth on my scallop bar. I have have had a-lot of customers that when doing this will move the extra un-spiked bar up from the back to the front because they don't get as much wear in the back and they might have to replace the worn ones on the front any way. Thanks, Donnie
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