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I d#n near cried to see these go, but they are on the block now. The 1992 (5300 hrs) model we bought slightly used, but the 1989 was all our hours (5800).

The 1989 was the first Maximizer in the state of Wisconsin (as far as our research shows, and was delivered to Powertown Implement of Janesville, WI for demonstration. We has a hydro blow on a 7720 yellow top, and we bit the bullet and bought it from the circuit.

Coming off of 1988 drought, was not a good purchase, probably a bit of ego that i am not proud of. Without saying, we got our money's worth in the past 19 years.

I spent what would amount add up to months, running and maintaining these two machines. I cannot believe the emotion i had for these things.

They were nice and shiny, but we ran our crop of wheat through them at no discount from their trade in quote. Went 2 for one on a 9760, hope it rains.
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