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Here are some easy links to the new super series brochure… I know there is a secondary link in one of the other threads but came across this by surfing the net for some more info about the super series offering (trying to find out further information about what makes the S67 and S77 different). After reading all 36 pages I basically came to the conclusion that a fuel setting in the computer, maybe the tires, and probably the $PRICE$ seem to be the only real differences……… I guess that’s not any different than pretty much all the other manufacturer’s model offerings… but I guess after the M11 equipped R72 I always like to check... There are a couple different links to the same thing… The first one lets you look at the whole brochure by scrolling down or pressing the up and down arrows that pop up at the bottom of the page… The second lets you flip the pages by cycling left or right with the horizontal arrows…. Happy Viewing! J

Scott Cupps
Cupps Farms
Shell Knob, MO
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