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Thinking of Investing in a hoe drill???

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We run disk drills in my neck of the woods because of beans. Im really thinking of investing in a hoe type seeder because of the issues we have with our disk drills when the clay is damp. I'm leaning towards Deere cuzz the dealer is 1.5 miles from my shop and what I run, although interested to know if something else would be a wiser investment. Like a Bourgault...

I would want this unit primarily for min till scenario of cereal crops ...

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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We ran an 1820/1910 from 2004 until this year. We went to an 1830/1910 this year. We have had very little trouble with our JD drills. Are you looking to single shoot or double shoot?
How do u like yours ?the salford , Christian that is ?
Flexicoil 5000 drills are cheap and a good hoe drill. If I was buying one I would try to buy a newer one at least in the 2000s. I would buy a 12 in spacing double shoot machine with the 4 or 4.5 inch rubber packers.
We are single shoot because of logistics
we have a 2013 JD 1830 drill for sale. bought it last fall and only seeded 320 acres this spring. its 61' with 10" spacing, 3" packers. it has narrow (3/4 or 1") bourgualt seed boots with a wing for liquid fertilizer. the drill has all the liquid fertilizer manifold kits mounted on it. can be sold with or without a 430 bushel tow behind JD cart, cart has dual tires on rear, conveyor and is double shoot, cart is also a 2013 bought last fall. we are located in SW Manitoba, willing to sell at a discounted price to new. you can PM me or call me at 204-522-zero nine two six.
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