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Help;;;;; Have been trying to thrash flax for the last two days and have been really having problems with our 2388's . The first problem is that we can't get the crop in the combine , the flax wants to wrap around the rock trap beater . When that happens it won't let anything by and the feeder chain bungs up and stops the whole feeder with a big bang . Have tried a faster speed sprocket on the beater but no help , the beater does not have anything on it to catch the straw ( like the adjustable tips or serated teeth ) it's smooth as a baby's a-s . the second problem is that the straw doesent want to thrash properly it just wants to turn into cotton balls with lots of flax tied up inside the wad ( i'm talking like a hand full in each wad ) . The combines have the afx rotors in them , Am using small wire concaves and the best results for lowering the loss is to open the concaves to #2 , ron the rotor up to 950 and go pretty fast , seems like when you close the concaves it makes the cotton ball problem worse and more flax gets tied up in the wad . Last year we had the same problem and i had made a dropprd concave with 5/8" steel pins sticking up from the rasp bars to try to tear these wads appart . Have put it in today and am using it , it helps some but it's still not the answer . It's funny to see when you have 3IH rotaries stopped in the field with their headers all the way up and the driver underneath pulling flax staw off the stone trap beater and one very old tr96 still plugging away without stopping . And old yeller isn't throwing out near 1/4 the flax that we are . the other thing is that when the sun goes down the axial flows also go to bed because the wrapping problem gets to the point where you don't go 20 ft and it's wrapped up .
some help please
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