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Thrashing problem 2188

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Our 2188 is having a really hard time thrashing spring wheat, new concave and have put 2 filler plates in. Any suggestions?
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Are your rasp bars in good condition? What is your concave setting and rotor speed? Did you zero the concaves when you installed them?
Only so much a guy can do I guess. Do you have any disrupter bars on the 3rd concave where the returns dump back in. There is also a white cap kit that will plug the gap on the right side of the rotor that precision farm parts sells. Nothing fancy and something you could make yourself if wanted. A lot of us went through it last year and all colors struggled.
My dealer recommended fast and tight. 1050 on the rotor and close the concaves up. I also tried the cover plates and had a white cap kit and none of them worked miracles. They maybe helped a little but not night and day. I have a Precision Farm Parts rotor in one machine and a specialty in another. The PFP is better in these types of conditions due to the longer rotor bar. Even this year the Glenn wheat still white caps (just something you have to live with). I run about 1 to 1.5 with the PFP and 3.0 dock with the specialty rotor.
Do you have the specialty rotor?
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Are you running small wire concaves? Worn rotor bars and improperly leveled concaves can be a big factor. What are you running for shoe seive? If you don't have short finger grain shoe, it will be very hard to send much of anything back up the tailings elevator. Even feeding and the amount of straw you are taking in can really change how a combine works too. What kind of yeilds, moisture are you dealing with? Are you running the combine to capacity? A kill stall would tell you what is going on inside you're machine. There are a lot of variables to take into consideration.
Thanks for you imput. I do have a specialty rotor, rotor bars are 1 year old and have zeroed the concave. I have never heard of PFP so I am going to look into that, thanks again good luck with harvest everyone.
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