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Not sure if this topic has been discussed here but its probably the most important advance that case will come out with in the next year. Apparently the tier 4 engine will be here in the 4th quarter of this year, so buying equipment for year 2011 should allow all the bigger engines to have this technology.
Basically, it will bring fuel efficiency back to where it was before tier 3 emissions! The sticking point will be the nitrous oxide that might not work great in the cold weather and the fact that it will need to be filled every 7 days or so.
For our farm this is a small price to pay to get fuel efficiency back in line. We run a 480 and 530 quad with two 9120s combines. We basically run the quad tracks at 1750 RPM but it doesnt seem to matter, the old diesel gauge just falls like a rock! lol
I was gonna flip all this machinery again but will wait I think till 2011, plus our dealer doesnt want it anyway cause he has too much stuff on the lot! lol

Very excited about the new advances, was a sad state when our fuel bill was one of the biggest fixed costs per acre on the farm the last 3 years!
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