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Officially Deere is going to use DOC/DPF in all its products for iT4. However SCR may be used to meet Final T4. However I find it a little bit scary that all manufacturers but Agco have yet to release iT4 products and they seem to keep their customers in the dark. Agco has done a good job at marketing SCR, so this marketing work will also benefit CNH. However it appears to me that Deere has done very little to help understand DOC/DPF. Are they afraid of farmers reactions... or are they not ready???


You ask if they are afraid of farmer's reactions -- probably yes, but I spoke with a tech in the Case area at the Farm Progress Show last fall and he said Case had selected a direction, BUT was not fully committed for this reason -- rapid technology developments. He said that technology was changing so fast that their approach was to not put all their research eggs in one basket and find out 4 months later that they picked the wrong basket because of a breakthrough in another direction. He said that Case had a time table in which to lock in, but didn't see a need to promote a choice until then. This leaves them with more options. I think most companies are skiddish about customer reaction, but this rep seemed more skiddish about who might find the tech breakthrough first. He did say that the first year would be a very interesting one with Tier IV.

As for me, I'm glad to have 2010 models to ride out the early years of Tier IV.
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