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time to get r75s ready to dance

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Just trying to set up a game plan to get the most out of our 2005 model r75s. Any one try upgrades from such as the POSI-feed roller? small seeds chaffer board for canola? p3 series- filler plates? straw chopper floor(AR plate)? chopper speed up kit? chaff fins? m11 power chip? thanks guys all comments are greatly appreciated.
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Chaffer fins work well. Had them on 35 ft flex head harvesting soybeans with 2007 r75.
I put posifeed a in both of my 2388s, they definitely help, I would put them on both chains of a gleaner. If you just do one I'd start at the back. That pfp rotor looks like a beast also.
I have a few pfp parts in my R65, the rotor, posifeed roller on the rear chain. stainless/poly accell rolls and the tail fins no complaints about any of them and support/shipping is really good. I would add some support to the tailboard that the fins bolt to, it would keep it in the down position and off of the spreader when you hit a badger hole. Done that a few times and had to repair the left fin due to hitting the spreader. PFP makes these machines a beast, safe harvestin!
starting r76 mod

On my 2009 r 76 I 'm now changing helical for fast pitch on tresher side put sunnybrook sweep with impeller on the cdf and changing my fine cut chopper for a rodonno with speed up kit (3250rpm)from pfp and also change my acc roll for the lug in poly and stainles steel from pfp. Oh i forgot remoce reverse bar on cdf and put a trip bar in the separator grate. I will give you newd as soon i will try. Mainly wheat oats canola.
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