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tips/advice on flex head for M2 - is this decent

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I'm growing soybeans for the first time and am looking for a 15-18' flex head for my late 70's M2. There is one local (Central NY) that I looked at - it looks to be a late 70's model as well. It is in decent condition but I am wondering if these heads worked well or if I should be looking for a later model L/M header. I see on partsbook that they seem to changed significantly in 1984, specifically the skid system under the cutterbar. I'm going to be doing around 50acres a year and planting them on 30" rows.

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There are several 300 series heads on right now, most are for rotary but I believe one of them looked like it'll be for conventional. They'll probably go VERY reasonably, I have bought a couple Gleaner headers from that site ( always requires a bit of travelling but usually worth it )
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